Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gang of Four

4 books I stumbled upon in my local library that changed me good
  1. computer lib/dream machines
  2. whole earth catalogue
  3. forget all the rules about graphic design (including the ones in this book)
  4. how to raise your iq by eating gifted children

4 movies
  1. I heard the mermaids call my name
  2. crouching tiger, hidden dragon
  3. trust
  4. the nasty girl

4 websites visited daily (other than bloglines)
  1. kingdom of loathing
  2. doonesbury
  3. songs to wear pants to
  4. cardhouse

4 things on tv
  1. attack of the show
  2. this is daniel cook
  3. world cup soccer
  4. the office [bbc]

4 songs
  1. "hollow log" by beck
  2. "you're going to make me lonesome when you go" by madeleine peyroux
  3. "polegnala e todora (love song)" by le mystere des voix bulgares
  4. "bossa bye baby" by songs to wear pants to [mp3]

4 food groups
  1. bread & grains
  2. fruit & vegetables
  3. meats
  4. dairy

4 places to eat
  1. baccus roti, toronto
  2. three: a tasting bar, windsor, ont
  3. bonnington cafe, london, uk
  4. schwartz's, montreal

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