Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Canadian Academic Library webpages

I captured and collected these screenshots of a subset of Canadian university library websites because I had the feeling that there were archetypes of such sites. I've tagged some elements that I thought were interesting and you are welcome to tag and make notes yourself.

In some cases I was interested in language (catalogue vs books, for example) so added tags of the exact wording used and in other cases, I added a more general tag (e.g. site map) if a particular element was present. I'm going to continue to work on the tagging and the markup in the next few days as I haven't finished all the libraries yet.

I also included a set the top 10 websites in Canada according to Alexa because it's important to remember that while librarians may take their cues from other library sites, our students do not.

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Anonymous said...

Great comparison---it looks like we have something to learn from the top sites