Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some starred items from my Google Reader Account

Normally, I like to wait until there about three related items on my radar before I write about them on my blog, but I've stumbled upon some reading recently that seems too good not to share immediately:

  • In libraryland, there's are tentative efforts underway to help our users with their data. Outside of libraryland, there are tools on the way that might help with the cause:  The Locker Project: data for the people.

  • Also from O'Reilly is a new website of theirs called Future of Search. I just find that O'Reilly focus of  looking forward so refreshing. One of my misgivings associated with librarians continuing to teach "Boolean searching" is that I believe the professionalization of the technique originated from early librarian work with pay per use search tools such as DIALOG and is no longer relevant or even suited for sets of hundreds of thousands of  items.

That last link probably could have been developed into a post unto itself, but I've got a game to play...

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