Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RSS Chocolate in the SFX Peanut Butter

I was curious whether anyone had created an SFX menu option to drop a citation into del.icio.us and so I consulted The Oracle. Didn't find any such thing but did inadvertently find out that the MIT libraries have added RSS feeds into their SFX options:


I like the idea of making a journal's RSS feed available in this venue and I'm not the only one as evidently other libraries have expressed interest in the code MIT used to do this. I haven't inquired myself because I suspect that it may involve maintaining a database of RSS feeds.

But since Ulrich's is now providing information about RSS feeds in their Periodicals Directory, I think it would be ideal to use the SFX menu to look up potential RSS feed info from Ulrich's.

Ulrichs and RSS

Not sure whether its possible or feasible. Right now I'm just considering it.

Oh yeah... MIT's LibX Firefox Toolbar looks dead sexy. I'm definitely considering working towards our own LibX Firefox extension.

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