Thursday, May 24, 2007

Technology at its best - Without Power

A couple days ago, the University of Windsor held its first annual Campus Technology Day (*sigh* what's so wrong with using the word, inaugural?) and what made the day particularly memorable was that for most of the day, the university was without electricity due to an outage off-campus.

Most presentations went ahead anyway, including the excellent keynote address by Dr. Charles Severance, Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation. The Sakai Project develops free/open source educational software - most notably, collaborative learning / course management applications. I'm very proud of the University of Windsor for joining this community. An mp3 file [approx. 1:56:00] of Dr. Severance's keynote address is available - but the audio quality is unfortunately not so good.

The presentation that myself and Peter Zimmerman gave ("The Inside Out Library"), sans computer, screen and powerpoint, was also available as an mp3. I heard it this morning but for some reason, it seems to have disappeared. Was it something I said?


Mita said...

The mp3 of our presentation is now back online. All is forgiven.

Mita said...

Let's try that again. The mp3 is available for streaming or download on this page.