Thursday, July 12, 2007

ticTOCs - Tables of Contents Service | Project Homepage

ticTOCs - Tables of Contents Service | Project Homepage:
"The aim of the ticTOCs project is to develop a service which will transform journal current awareness by making it easy for academics and researchers to find, display, store, combine and reuse tables of contents from multiple publishers in a personalisable web based environment. JISC is the primary funder of the ticTOCs project, which will run for two years from April 2007."


zomba said...

Thanks for mentioning ticTOCs.

ticTOCs has a blog at which will post news about the service.

Roddy MacLeod

Mita said...

I just helped a chemistry professor today who was having difficulty accessing the articles she was interested in from off-campus. I found out that the links she was using were from table of contents alert emails from a variety of publishers.

The workaround solution that we used was the "reload using ez proxy" option with the LibX toolbar. Without it, it would be difficult to come up something simple for something that should be so routine.