Sunday, June 17, 2007

Library as content provider

At MPOW they are getting ready to launch a new LMS and a campus portal. At this point, I don't know exactly how the library where I work will fit into these systems. But I'm getting ready just the same. Both systems will be able to handle RSS feeds and so I'm considering committing the time and effort to create library-related subject-specific (e.g. Biology, Earth Science) RSS feeds.

Right now I'm trying to determine how feasible this project is. On first glance, one would think it shouldn't be too hard a project. For example, there a multitude of sources of online book reviews. Trouble is that there is frequently a lag in time between when a book is reviewed in the press and when it is found on the shelf of an academic library. So to supplement the book reviews, I'm considering these other forms of content:
If and only if I can maintain said blogs, then I can consider using them in the creation of widgets and gadgets.

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